Action for World Solidarity (ASW)

Founded in 1957, the association ASW supports projects in the South that are affected by hunger and poverty. At that time, the association was one of the first NGOs in Germany who denounced the inequality between rich and poor countries. This inequality, which is a global injustice, remains a scandal. The increasing wealth of the North largely promotes the social inequality with regard to the South where poverty and famine are not yet eradicated. To address this problem, the ASW was launched to support community initiatives and local organisations in order to earn their autonomy (self-management). For 50 years, through the efforts of its donors, the ASW was able to support many of the ideas and efforts of these community initiatives which, in turn, are committed to improving the living conditions of its people without waiting for government support.


Our goals

The main objectives of the ASW are:

  • to support projects of local initiatives and organisations that have a positive local effect;
  • to improve the lives of people through collective initiatives;
  • to protect the environment;
  • to defend political, social and cultural human rights;
  • to support, strengthen and improve the situation of women.


Our target groups

Only projects based on local or regional groups may benefit from a temporary grant of ASW.


Our areas of intervention

For the implementation of its activities, ASW operates now in:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Senegal
  • Togo
  • Western Sahara
  • Zimbabwe
  • India
  • Brazil

At the moment we are not in a position to satisfy requests from any other countries.

The conditions for granting

In the first place, ASW does not send experts or development workers in countries as project management remains the responsibility of the initiators. Secondly, only local organizations with collective and long term goals are subsidized by the ASW. The decision must be collective and democratic with a strong participation of women. ASW promotes projects that already have some years experience of working together and have proven their effectiveness.


For information about project-support in India please contact our partner-organization CWS in Hyderabad:

Centre for World Solidarity (CWS)
Hyderabad, India


For more general information about ASW's work in India please contact:

Sina Rauch

Telephone: ++49 / 30 / 2594 0803

E-Mail: indien(at)


For information about project-support in our countries in Africa please contact:

Boubacar Diop (Senegal - Togo - Western Sahara)
Telephone: ++49 / 30  / 99 29 69 537
E-Mail: boubacar.diop(at)

Jenny Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso - Simbabwe)
Telephone: ++49 / 30 / 99 29 69 534
E-Mail: jenny.ouedraogo(at)

For information about project-support in Brazil please contact:

Silke Tribukait

Telephone: ++49 / 30 / 2594 0807

E-Mail: silke.tribukait(at)